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Calcite working on repairs in his Space RV


  • (Mar 03 2022) Updating for Tfcon! 
  • (Dec 09 2021) Updating my theme, loads of cleaning!
  • (Dec 03 2021) Adjusting the size of this beast so it doesn't always take up the whole screen, kinda throwing around thoughts on what I might like to do with the navigation bar...  
  • (Dec 02 2021) yes I am updating this 3 times in one day, added images, all pages should have SOMETHING, gallery shows some basic images, but I'm gonna add more later for sure! 
  • (Dec 02 2021) I think all pages should now link *somewhere*, need to work on my art pages and upload images haha, also want to maybe make a shrine for final fantasy xiv/my adventures in it! Also added background image so this site looks a biiiiit better
  • (Dec 02 2021) Slowly but surely...
  • (Dec 01 2021) This is ALL under construction, but soon.......